Monday, March 20, 2006

An introduction of sorts

Welcome to this new blog, Completely Subjective -- a "sister blog" to my original blog, Random Platitudes.

I originally conceived Random Platitudes to be a general, all-purpose blog, wherein I could deal with all the topics that interested me (and they are many, indeed -- nothing human is alien to me, as Terence put it). However, as it developed, Random Platitudes became almost entirely a political /historical / current affairs / opinion piece blog, and adding other, more frivolous, material to it seemed out of place. When one is in the middle of pontificating on international politics, a cooking recipe or a review of a Japanese animated feature film might well seem somehow out of place. Therefore, I decided to create a number of related blogs, connected to the original, but each with a separate topic.

The first of these, and hopefully one that will prove as great a success as Random Platitudes, is Completely Subjective, which is dedicated to reviews (of film, television, animation, computer games, books, comics, whatever takes my fancy).

I welcome you to it, and I hope to soon provide you with interesting reading material.


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